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2013 Performers

Each year at Beltway Barks we have fabulous performances from some of DC’s favorite and award winning theater performers! Check out 2013's exciting line up. Make sure to also click on the actor's photo to read more about them.

Jay Hardee 

Christopher Henley 
Aubri O’Connor  

Mallory Shear  

Kari Ginsburg 

James Finley

Frank Britton

Brian Crane

Julie Roundtree

Valerie Leonard

Jessica Lauren Ball

Matthew Schleigh

​Emily Levey

Melynda Burdette

Chad Fornwalt 

Dan Van Why

Steven Carpenter

Blair Bowers

Bette Cassatt

Richie Montgomery

Amy Kellett

Carolyn Agan

​Sherry Berg

Sandy Bainum

Bobby Smith

Tracy Lynn Olivera

Sherri L. Edelen

Lauren Byrne

Jenny Cartney

Pauline Grossman

Chris Sizemore

Priscilla Cuellar

Danny Tippett

Paul Scanlan

​Kurt Boehm

MaryHall Surface

Marcela Ferlito Walder

Nigel Reed

Laurie Newton

Lynn Sharp Spears

Katie McManus

Bryna Shindell

John Patrick Loughney

Kendra North

Vanessa Terzaghi

Amy McWilliams

Sheri Herren

Margo Mullane

Charlene Sloan

Nanna Ingvarsson

Michael J Bobbitt

Evan Casey

Donna Migliaccio

Debra Buonaccorsi

2013 Presenters

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