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2014 Performers

Each year at Beltway Barks we have fabulous performances from some of DC’s favorite and award winning theater performers! Check out 2014's exciting line up. Make sure to also click on the actor's or theater's photo to read more about them.

2014 Presenters

Carolyn Agan

John Bailey

Lisa Carrier Baker

Tonya Beckman

Deborah Benner

Michael J Bobbitt

Caroline Bowman

Peter Boyer

Bette Cassatt

Lyn Chiet

Julie Janson

Amy Kellett

Vanessa Kinzey

Jeremy Michael Lagunas

Ian Lane

Valerie Leonard

Emily Levey

Dan Manning

Amy McWilliams

Richie Montgomery

Priscilla Cuellar

Nick DePinto

Rachel Leigh Dolan

Rebecca Dreyfuss

Valerie Fenton

Peter Finnegan

Chad Fornwalt

Diane Hamilton

Erica Hamilton

Sheri Herron

Laurie Newton

Chris Niebling

Marni Penning

Serge Seiden

Charlene Sloan

Bobby Smith

Liana Valente

Chris Withers

Rachel Zampelli

Kristina Zilli

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